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Zine Rewindless | International Zine Month 2020

Today’s and yesterday’s International Zine Month prompt by Alex Wrekk are:

1 – What is a zine? Come up with a concise definition in your own words and share it with others.

I tell people that zines are homemade and independent publications that vary in styles and formats. I then go on to explain that they can make their own magazines/comics/newsletters/articles and send them to friends and family. Arts and crafts doesn’t have to be just a school thing. I used to make a newsletter/newspaper for the Manchester Boys and Girl’s Club back in the day. The Club didn’t require one, I just wanted to make one. It was a fun time!

2 – Zine Rewind! Re-read your favorite zines and remind yourself why you love them. If you’re new to zines, read a zine that is more than 10 years old!

I have a confession. I’m a hoarder of zines. What I mean is that I still have a plethora of zines that need to be read. All the zines that I really like, I’ve already reviewed. What I will do is direct you to 2019’s Zine Rewind here, it’s about Jetta Vegas’ The Radical Uprise. You can also check out 2018’s Zine Rewind here, it’s about DJ Frederick’s A Dream of Books #1.



It was a nice relaxing day. A friend dropped by to check on me. He doesn’t have a cell phone and I had deleted my Facebook account a while ago, so it was a great visit. We sat on my porch at a safe distance, both of us wearing our face masks, and we had a nice conversation. We both had worked in filmmaking in the past, and as creatives, we talked about the visual storytelling in Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Oddly enough, he was talking about the movie with his fiance the other day and I had watched it this morning, neither of us knowing of the other’s current interest in it, so that was a cool surprise. How was your day?

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