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SHORT/wave by DJ Frederick | International Zine Month 2020

It’s that time once again – International Zine Month! And once again, it snuck up on me. You would think that with the COVID-19 Pandemic going on, I have enough time to plan these posts, but no. Another last-minute post. What? For the past week, I’ve been sitting on the couch binge-watching shows on Netflix and ordering out from DoorDash, with no clue what day it was until last night. How’s Quarantine been for you folks?

Who doesn’t like some mystery in their science radio?

As many of you know, DJ Frederick is my father and I have a certain amount of bias toward his writing. He recently released SHORT/wave: Archive Edition, which is a re-issue of ‘the /wave project zine one’. This zine is about shortwave and pirate radio station listening and DIY media.

Within, you’ll find a crash course in what makes up the radio bands and their frequencies, their purpose and a bit of history. There’s also a ‘Station Profiles’, interviewing Captain Ron of the Voice of Captain Ron Show, Robert and Ravi Yardbrown of the original run of All Indie Radio, and an essay on Mystery SCIENCE RaDiO’s beginning.

Last, but certainly on least – an article entitled “KMUD’s Pirate Radio Adventures at the Mojave Phone Booth”, which is exactly what you would expect from that title. There was an actual telephone booth in a remote region of the Mojave National Preserve, and in March of 2000… well… you’ll have to read to find out!

SHORT/wave: Archive Edition is 20 pages and is digest-size. I’m giving one copy away, so let me know in the comment section if you’re interested. You can also purchase a copy here from Antiquated Future!

I never got to read the original run of this zine, which was in Autumn of 2005, so this was nice to check out. Many thanks to Alex Wrekk for pioneering International Zine Month!

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  1. DJFrederick says:

    Honored to read such a wonderful review. I’m trying to dust off some of the older zines and give them new life!

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