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Here We Go Again | International Zine Month 2021

Another year, another IZM that snuck up on me. For once, I would like to actually see the whole month through, in terms of posts. I think this year, I will post at the end of every week. There will be days that I won’t be posting about due to not having anything to say. I know that it’s been one heck of a year for all of us. Money-wise, I might not be able to support a distro or zine this month. I work a seasonal job, so my hours are cut drastically this Summer.

Today’s IZM prompt: “What is a zine? Come up with a concise definition in your own words and share it with others.”

My answer this year remains the same:

“I tell people that zines are homemade and independent publications that vary in styles and formats. I then go on to explain that they can make their own magazines/comics/newsletters/articles and send them to friends and family. Arts and crafts doesn’t have to be just a school thing. I used to make a newsletter/newspaper for the Manchester Boys and Girl’s Club back in the day. The Club didn’t require one, I just wanted to make one. It was a fun time!”

In other news, my internet radio show of eleven years ended tonight. For the next week, you can download or listen to it here.

How is or was your International Zine Month experience(s)? Leave a comment. I’ll post an update at the end of the first week.

Thanks to Alex Wrekk for being one of the founders of this experience!

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