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Catching Up | International Zine Month 2019

For the past several days, I’ve been feeling lethargic, so I haven’t been doing anything that involved zines, or much of anything, really. I couldn’t complete my zine within 24 hours. The zine that I did end up making, I decided to split into two separate issues. Issue #3 of Zotte Park might be a short one, but it involves a continuation of a story from issue #2.

July 5 – Review a zine: post online or print in your zine.

I received my zines from Feral Publication, plus a couple of extras. I thoroughly enjoyed everything I read. Sad Songs For Clerks #1 and 2 are 8-page mini zines in the design of an audio cassette. These comics contain a story of Richard’s experience working in a coffee shop. The scenarios portrayed in this zine are very familiar to me, as I also worked in coffee shops. I laughed, and I’m anxious to get the third installment.

July 6 – Zine Pride Day! Explore LGBTQIA zines! Buy, share, and read zines by people of marginalized sexual orientations and gender identities.

As a white cisgendered male, I may never fully relate to marginalised groups. There have been times when I’ve been mistaken for a woman and called names when my interests and behaviours didn’t match those who harassed me. To be fair (or unfair, really), in my teens and 20’s, I have had my share of harassing and judging people with sexual and gender identities that were not my own. I am not proud of that, and I had grown since.

I recommend Adelaide Barton‘s zines Non Monogomy 101 and Claiming BiSexuality. Her no-nonsense essays and art are very informative and thought-provoking. I found that I’m heterosexual, but I’m also Gray-Asexual (experiencing occasional but limited sexual attraction).

I also relate to DemiSexuality, which is similar to Gray-Asexual and can be explained here.


Many thanks to Alex Wrekk for pioneering International Zine Month!

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