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CanaZine Day | International Zine Month 2019

So here we are. It is International Zine Month throughout July, and it is about time to get active in the Papernet once again! I will be posting here daily about the various activities and prompts on the IZM calendar. Today’s prompt: July 1 – CanaZine Day! Buy, read, or share zines from Canada for Canada Day! Big thanks to Alex Wrekk!

I have a Facebook page for my would-be compilation zine Confessions of a Type 40. I haven’t been working toward completing that zine because I haven’t garnered enough contributions for a full issue, so it fell by the wayside. Recently, I received a message from a Zinester named Crash Reynolds, asking if there is a date set for the first issue of CoaT40. I was floored, thinking “Wait, somebody is actually interested in a Doctor Who fanzine!?”. She was interested, which was why she asked. She admitted she just didn’t have anything to contribute to it.

I admitted that because nobody really shown interest, I didn’t try too hard to get the zine off the ground. I want to change that, but CoaT40 is a topic for another post.

So we traded zines, and I look forward to going to the Post Office this Wednesday to see if it’s there. Since Crash is from Canada, I bought some postcards from her Etsy Store.

Here are other Zinesters participating or talking about #IZM2019:

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