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Boston Zine Fest 2015

Anxieties are rising as today is the day I attend my first convention/exhibition ever. Not only am I attending the Boston Zine Fest 2015, but I’m tabling! Whaaaaaat!? I would say that even Alex Wrekk’s “Stolen Sharpie Revolution” can prepare me for this, but I’d be lying.

My father DJ Frederick and I will be in attendance. He’s bringing a plethora of his perzines as well as the newly-founded Freedom APA information, and I’ll be bringing the first issue of my perzine “Bigger on the Inside”.  Unfortunately, I had to wait until the last minute to prepare, so I won’t be bringing my compilation zine “Confessions of a Type 40”.

Zine Fest Promo

I’m nervous and excited and I need to get ready, but I hope to meet new friends and explore new zines. I will be documenting my experience (hopefully) on my Canon T2i, and promise to start reviewing zines once I get back in one piece!

EDIT: I’ve been planning to name my perzine “Bigger on the Inside” for a year now, but after a Google search (to see if anyone read it), it appears someone released a fanzine by the same name back in August 2015. I will be renaming my perzine to avoid confusion to our respective readerships.

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