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AmeriZine Day | International Zine Month 2019

It is (or was an hour or so ago) Independence Day here in the United States of America. Today’s International Zine Month prompt is:

July 4 – AmeriZine Day! Explore marginalized voices in America. Buy, share, and read zines about racial justice and zines written by people of color.

At the beginning of this month, I came across Richard Larios of Feral Publication. He lives in California, but he is from a Central American country called Nicaragua. With that in mind, I went and ordered Sad Song For Clerks, Tape #1 and Tape #2, a mini zine with a cassette drawn on the cover. It contains short comedic comics about life as a clerk in a coffee shop. I’m looking forward to reading these zines, especially since I used to be a clerk in a coffee shop.

Feral Publication: Website | YouTube Channel

Many thanks to Alex Wrekk!

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