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Enter The Papernet is a review blog about just that. Entering a world of pressed wood pulp, with stories and pictures and magic imprinted on said pages. Some of those pages may come in the form of independent comics, newsletters, or zines (zines are independent publications, i.e. a magazine/pamphlet/newsletter).

Stephen J. Lazotte made this blog in 2015 as a brain crack idea that needed to be explored. This idea came from the realization that he has way too many unread zines and the desire to free up some space, all the while discovering the Papernet community and rediscovering the art of the handwritten letter. This website will focus primarily on zines.

If you have a zine you would like to submit for review, please send to:

One Minute Zine Reviews
c/o Stephen J. Lazotte
PO Box 383
Manchester, NH 03105

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