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In a world of digital this and that and those and these, nothing can truly replace the intimacy and tangibility of something created in the physical realm. Audio cassettes, vinyl records, instruments, books, comics, zines, etc create a connection between the beholder and the medium. Analogue media was my first love, and after some time, I’ve fallen in love with it again.

This particular blog will focus on The Papernet, a community of creatives whose primary passions involve the exchange of ideas and talent through self-published means such as zines. Basically, it is a zine review blog.

My father (You may know him as DJ Frederick) bequeathed unto me his review zine One Minute Zine Reviews.  I got myself a Post Office Box so that people can send me their zines. It’s been a couple of years since the first call for submissions was posted, and now I have enough stock piled that will last me a few issues.

Some, if not most of the reviews on this site will make it into an issue. The actual paper zine is for those who prefer to read something physical. If you would like to submit your zine for review, feel free to mail it to:

Me holding up my first zine Confessions of a Type 40

One Minute Zine Reviews
c/o Stephen J. Lazotte
PO Box 383
Manchester, NH 03105 USA

Feel free to comment your thoughts and ideas. Let’s discover The Papernet together. Allons-y!

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