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I recently found footage of my attempt at making my 24-Hour Zine Thing zine, which ended up becoming “Zotte Park #2”. I don’t remember filming the process, but I found the footage and edited it into a video (see below). The video ends with me being exhausted, realising that I wouldn’t complete the zine on time, and that I had a lot more left to write. I think I stopped recording at this point because it would be a lot of footage to comb through if I were to film until completion. I managed to get the issue done, however. If you’re new to this blog, you can purchase the zine here or here from Antiquated Future.

Dear Anonymous: A Zine of the Unspoken

One of the activities in celebration of July’s International Zine Month was to order from a distro I haven’t order from before. Since I had recently discovered Sea Green Zines‘ podcast “The Zine Collector”, I figured I look at her catalogue.

One of the zines that appealed to me was “Dear Anonymous: A Zine of the Unspoken”. The contents are exactly as implied on the cover. Within is a curation of letters from various folks, anonymous writer to anonymous and oblivious recipient. They are handwritten by the editor, copied from the original submissions, and each letter is designed according to the subject matter.

These letters are well articulated by the contributors. Even submitted anonymously, the writers are able to convey their emotions and thoughts in powerful ways.

I enjoyed this issue very much, and recommend it. I gravitated toward it initially because the title reminded me of an old, similar project I wanted to do but never did.

“Dear Anonymous: A Zine of the Unspoken” is digest-sized (half-sized), 20 pages and bound with string. If you would like to order a copy, please check out the Sea Green Zines Etsy Shop!

*This post will appear in the review zine One Minute Zine Reviews issue 9*

The Store Is Open!

Last month for International Zine Month, I took a day and started to make a zine from scratch for the 24-Hour Zine Thing. It was a challenge for Zinesters to make a 24-page zine within 24 hours. The 24 hours turned into about 60, so in one sense I failed, but in a better sense, I had fun and rekindled that creative spark within, so I win!

So without further ado, I decided to open up shop on this site for my zines. I had some technical difficulties with the shipping rates, but everything should be set! It’s just a basic little shop. So far there are two issues of my perzine Zotte Park. It’s a pretty cut and dry retail routine. Add item to cart, calculate shipping, check out, done.

I’m very excited to share my zines with you!

Proof I Exist #20 by Billy McCall

Billy got into music in a way that I wanted to back in the 1990’s. He had a BMG subscription. Though that didn’t do it for him, a local Lollapalooza did. Then again, it just made him want MORE.

“Proof I Exist #20” is about how Billy got into music and why he continues to play in a band. He loves it. Even though sometimes it can be fleeting, the overall satisfaction is lasting.

With sixteen pages, this quarter-sized zine is cut-and-paste, cut-and-dry, text on photocopied background goodness. It was printed on cut-offs from another project, making it a real low-budget printing job.

If you would like to order a copy, contact Billy (iknowbilly@gmail.com). It is currently $1 and there are less than fifty copies available. Once it’s gone, it’s all over, baby.

*This post will appear in the review zine One Minute Zine Reviews issue 9*

Tin Can Telephone #1 by DJ Frederick


Tin Can Telephone was previously known as Paper Radio, which was mainly a media and radio fanzine. Now in its fifth incarnation, anything goes. In the first issue, there are three essays, one of which is a very insightful and personal glimpse into Fred’s transition from an angsty young adult into the next chapter of his life.

Other features include Concert Reviews, a book review of Steve Diamond’s “What The Trees Said”, and Fred’s Question of the Day.

As Fred is my father, I do have a bit of personal bias when it comes to his writing. Like most of his zines, Tin Can Telephone is Digest-sized with a few visual aids to compliment the entries, and 20 pages.

You can order a copy by sending $3 (Cash Preferred) to: Frederick Moe | 36 West Main Street | Warner, NH 03278

*This post will appear in the review zine One Minute Zine Reviews issue 9*

A New Beginzine

In a world of digital this and that and those and these, nothing can truly replace the intimacy and tangibility of something created in the physical realm. Audio cassettes, vinyl records, instruments, books, comics, zines, etc create a connection between the beholder and the medium. Analogue media was my first love, and after some time, I’ve fallen in love with it again. Read the rest of this entry »